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Human 资源

这个链接将带您到行政、技术、专业、教师和教学。 positions at Trinidad State College.

Current Non-Classified Job Opportunities at Trinidad State

这个链接将带你到属于国家人事系统一部分的职位, and includes jobs throughout the State of Colorado, not just Trinidad State.

Notice To All Applicants

科罗拉多社区学院系统或其13所学院之一的前雇员; 纪律终止或辞职而不是终止的,必须予以披露 this information on your application/within your application materials. All materials submitted become the property of Trinidad State College and will not be returned. 科罗拉多州必须遵守1986年《og体育app》. 如果受雇,你将被要求提供文件,以表明你的身份和授权。 工作. This law applies to all persons hired. Colorado fiscal rules require all new employees to be on direct deposit.

og体育 Trinidad State College

og体育首存活动(Trinidad State College)位于科罗拉多州的特立尼达(Trinidad),是一所由政府资助的两年制大学。 institution of higher education. The College was established by an act of the State 是科罗拉多州最古老的公立两年制大学。. 学院服务区包括人口稀少的8个农村县 density and small communities. One campus is located in Trinidad and is a residential campus while the other, located in Alamosa, is a commuter campus. Both campuses serve distinct populations. As a comprehensive Community College, Trinidad State College 不仅提供正在进行的转学艺术学位助理和应用助理 科学(职业)学位课程,但也制定和实施了许多 成功的短期职业证书课程,以及全面的成人课程 education and developmental programs.

Information regarding Trinidad State College Security, including crime statistics 对于特立尼达和阿拉莫萨校区及周边地区,可以在特立尼达找到 State College Campus Security Website - 为 a hard copy report please contact the Vice President of Student Affairs on the Trinidad campus, or the Dean of Students on the Valley Campus.

The Valley Campus

og体育山谷校区位于圣路易斯山谷。 由6个县组成:Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral,里约热内卢Grande和Saguache。. 位于一个宽阔的,大部分是平坦的山谷,长达100英里,75英里宽, with an elevation of 7,500 feet at the Valley floor, the region is rimmed by high mountains to the north, east, and west, with elevations up to 14,345 feet. 在里约热内卢 大河在该区域西部升起,向南流入新墨西哥州. 该地区面积8180平方英里,人口约40人。 thousand people. Major communities in the Valley include Alamosa, Monte Vista, Del 北、中心、安东尼托、马纳萨、圣路易斯、拉哈拉、桑福德、克里德和萨瓜什.

Notice of non-discrimination

og体育禁止一切形式的歧视和骚扰,包括 违反联邦和州法律或州社区学院委员会的 and Occupational Education Board Policies 3-120 and 4-120.  The College does not discriminate 根据性别/性别、种族、肤色、年龄、信仰、民族或族裔出身、身体状况 或精神残疾、退伍军人状况、怀孕状况、宗教、遗传信息、 gender identity, or sexual orientation in its employment practices or educational programs and activities.  Trinidad State College will take appropriate steps to ensure 缺乏英语语言技能不会成为入学和参加的障碍。 in its education programs and activities.

学院已任命其人力资源主任为平权行动主任 负责任的干事/平等机会协调员/第九章协调员 to coordinate its civil rights compliance activities and grievance procedures. 为 信息,联系Trinidad State College人力资源主任,600 Prospect Street, Trinidad, CO, 81082, 719-846-5534. You may also contact the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Region VIII, Federal Office Building, 1244 North Speer Boulevard, Suite 310丹佛, CO 80204, telephone (303) 844-3417.

Aviso de no discriminación

og体育首存活动禁止一切形式的歧视和骚扰,包括 违反联邦和州法律或委员会3-120和4-120政策的 Estatal de instituciones comunitarias y de educación ocupacional. La institucion educativa no discrimina por razón de sexo/género, raza, color, edad, credo, origen nacional 种族、身体或精神残疾、退伍军人状况、怀孕状况、宗教信仰、 遗传信息、性别认同或性取向 empleo, programas y actividades educativas. Trinidad State College tomará las medidas 适当地确保缺乏英语技能不是一个 进入和参加其教育方案和活动的障碍.

教育机构已指定其人力资源经理为实体 负责协调民事权利执行活动和程序 de quejas, acción afirmativa/ igualdad de oportunidades y Título IX. 帕拉obtener 信息,联系og体育首存活动的人力资源主任, 600 Prospect Street, Trinidad, Co, 81082, 719-846-5534. También puede contactar a 民权办公室,美国教育部,地区 8号,联邦办公大楼,1244 North Speer Boulevard, Suite 310,丹佛, CO 80204, teléfono (303) 844-3417.

Affirmative Action Statement

TSC不以种族、肤色、宗教、国籍为由进行非法歧视 在接纳或获得、治疗或就业方面的出身、性别、年龄或残疾 in its educational programs or activities. Inquiries may be referred to: Affirmative 行动干事兼第九条和第504节协调员,Berg Building, TSJC,特立尼达, Colorado 81082 (719) 846-5534, or Director of Affirmative Action for the Colorado Community College System, 9101 East Lowry Boulevard丹佛, CO 80230 (303)595-1552, or to the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 1961 Stout St.丹佛, CO 80294.

og体育学生权利、政策和(或)程序的信息或指导 be obtained from:

Affirmative Action Officer
Yvette Atencio
Trinidad - Berg 101
Alamosa - Room 108
Phone: (719) 846-5538

Any student is invited to confer with the Affirmative Action Officer. All conferences will be kept in strict confidence.

Declaración de Acción Afirmativa

TSC不以种族、肤色、宗教、国籍、性别、年龄为理由进行歧视。 o在录取、获取、治疗或就业过程中的残疾 y programas educativos. Las inquietudes pueden ser dirigidas al: Funcionario de acción 特立尼达TSJC Berg Building第九条和504节的肯定和协调员, 科罗拉多州81082(719)846-5534,或机构系统平权行动主任 科罗拉多社区教育,9101 East Lowry Boulevard丹佛, co 80230 (303) 595-1552,或州教育部民权办公室 Unidos, 1961 Malte St.丹佛, co 80294.

获取有关权利、政策和/或程序的信息或指导 del estudiante dirijase a:

Funcionario de acción afirmativa
Yvette Atencio
Trinidad - Berg 101
Alamosa - Room 108
Teléfono: (719) 846-5538

欢迎任何学生向平权行动官员咨询。. Todas las conversaciones se mantendrán bajo estricta confidencialidad.

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